Our Service Guarantee


Why we offer a Service Guarantee: We are passionately driven and want to help you gain the best opportunity in getting an interview.

Resumes Done Right wish to make absolutely clear that we are 100% confident our service will meet your requirements. A résumé is an “organic document” that should change frequently in order to best represent you in your search for employment.


As such we provide the following guarantees:

  • Until you are happy with the final result, every version of your resume we send should be considered a draft – You are welcome to suggest changes and make additions that we agree make your resume a better fit for the original purpose you contacted us for.
  • There is no need to worry that your résumé might go out of date shortly after you receive your final documents. We offer a discounted service ($29.95) to amend your resume should you need to at any stage after you have accepted a final version.
  • We will send you your CV in any format you require, upon request up to 90 days from purchase (and in most cases, probably longer!).
  • If after all of this you are still not happy with our product, simply request a refund via email ([email protected]) listing why you believe we have not, and cannot meet our promises to you. One of our senior staff will review the complaint and contact you within 14 days with a resolution or an offer of partial or full reimbursement of your purchase price.




You are not eligible for a refund if you:

Reasons why you would not be eligible for a refund in relation to our service guarantee.

  • got what you asked for but simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it
  • misused a product in any way that caused the problem
  • knew of or were made aware of the faults before you bought the product
  • asked for a service to be done in a certain way against the advice of the business or were unclear about what you wanted
  • do not adhere to the communication timeframe guidelines as supplied by Resumes Done Right and your circumstances change


You may be eligible for a refund if:

Reasons why you would be eligible for a refund in relation to our service guarantee.

  • Our product does not meet an acceptable quality as determined by a relevant industry body
  • Does not match the description as provided by our Sales People, Website or Advertising
  • Does not meet any extra promises made about such things as performance, condition and quality
  • You have allowed Resumes Done Right to rectify the issue within an appropriate timeframe

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