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Recruitment experts describe a poorly written resume as one that is unorganized, incoherent, and completely unrelated to the targeted job opening.  It’s no surprise, therefore, that a bad resume usually gets binned without being read.

You must realize that a recruiter has to browse through hundreds of CV submissions for each job.  He would skim through your application like he would a newspaper–just randomly looking for items that would interest him.  If nothing catches his attention, your resume would be filed away in his “Rejected” folder, instantly killing your chances at bagging the job, much less getting an interview appointment.

If at this point, you are either at a loss as to how to get your resume writing started or have written one but can’t tell if it is good enough. Resumes Done Right is here to provide you with professional resume writing services.   We will relieve you of the stress that goes with resume writing, and ensure that you get your foot in the door of your prospective employer.

Here’s how we’ll Tailor your Resume:


We will select the best type of resume for you

We will customize the presentation of your personal circumstances, skills, qualification, experience and achievements with the job specifications in mind.  This way your CV will stand out from among the other submissions and catch the recruiter’s attention.

We will make your resume legible

We will generate for you a resume that is easy on the eyes. We will organize your CV contents such that it won’t appear crowded. We will use bullet points where needed.  We’ll use the right fonts and font sizes to make your resume reader-friendly.  This way there’s a great chance that the hiring manager will delve further into your CV and spend more time appreciating your qualifications, work history, and accomplishments.  We will even sprinkle appropriate keywords into your CV so that any applicant-tracking software will easily find you online.

We will make your resume current

Like fashion and music, resume trends change, and they change quickly. In the face of fierce competition in a challenging job market, effective, well-written and presented content in your resume is essential. We will ensure that the format is clean and easy to read, avoiding the common mistakes associated with adding distracting images, fonts and colours that reduce the ability to read and understand the information presented.

We’d be pleased to make several versions of your resume

It could be that you have been exposed to a wide range of experiences and training from joining different industries.  You can count on us to make different versions of your resume as we highlight, with each version, specific qualifications and skills sets that will match the job description of a particular vacancy you wish to fill.

We will fill your other job-seeking-related needs

If you’ve already got a well-written a resume, we’d be happy to give it a free health check and assist you with a wide range of other services: 

Writing Cover Letters

A good cover letter is the only place that you can directly address the selection criteria for the position, advise on any personal circumstances that impact the hiring process or explain a gap in your CV, change in career, or any other extenuating circumstance.  A cover letter may be an optional pre-employment requirement.  However, if the company requires a cover letter to go with your CV, you cannot bank on one that is hastily prepared. We will help you put together a cover letter that matches your high-quality resume.

Interview Coaching

Our team will help you build your confidence and increase your success rate at job interviews.  Because they were once HR executives, recruiters or hiring managers themselves, our team carry with them a ton of experience gained from various industries. They also have extensive knowledge of the latest in recruitment methodologies including behavioural-based interviewing techniques.   You will leave a coaching session equipped with skills and knowledge that will make you stand out among your competitors.

LinkedIn Profile Overhauls

Your LinkedIn account is your online resume. It is your showroom of projects, accomplishments, and skills where a large network of recruiters and headhunters can gain access. We will window-dress your LinkedIn profile to make it stunning enough to attract visitors in.

At Resumes Done Right we have flexible consultation times.  We have offices in Perth, Western Australia and in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia).   We are happy to assist you whether you are based in Australia or are job hunting somewhere else in the world.

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