CV / Resume Writing

Our team can write a resume for you that will get your experience noticed by recruiters and hiring managers in your field.

Cover Letters

Cover Letters are more than repeated information from your CV. Let our team write you a Cover Letter that stands out and highlights your unique skills.

Key Selection Criteria

If you’re after a job in the public sector, you’ll most likely be looking at filling out Key Selection Criteria. We’ve got 10+ years in recruitment to help your skills stand out on your application.


LinkedIn Profile Writing

Linkedin is quickly becoming the way for recruiters and hiring managers to look in to potential candidates. Let us create a page for you that will make you shine!

Coaching and Consultation

We’re the team to come to If you’re nervous about an interview, or need confidence in your job search.

Flexible Consultation Times

If you need to talk outside of work hours we offer flexible consultation times, so that you can be discreet or not let your job search impact your day.

You’ve got the qualifications. You’ve got the confidence. You’ve got your career goals in sight!

All you need now is a great resume to land a seat in the coveted interview chair.

At Resumes Done Right, our aim is to get you recognised as the quality candidate that you are and get your resume into the right hands.

As former recruitment professionals, we know how little time recruiters and hiring managers spend on examining potential candidates.

It’s from this experience that we developed a passion.

That passion is to help people reach their career goals, and to create engaging resumes that guarantee companies don’t miss out on great applicants like you!

Our small, dedicated team at Resumes Done Right will spend time getting to know about you, your goals, and your unique experience.

We’ll then take that information and tailor a one of a kind CV that will make you stand out from the crowd.

What you get is a resume that will have recruiters and hiring managers immediately seeing your suitability for a role, leading to increased call backs and providing you with more opportunities to land your dream job.

Writing a great resume is not just about your experience, but about what makes you right for the job!

That’s why we offer a free, no obligations resume consultation, that will provide you with a wealth of information including:

  • Why your resume is more than just your experience
  • How the layout of your resume is affecting your call backs
  • What keywords are missing, causing your resume to fall into the application tracking system abyss
  • How your job experience can be rewritten for your chosen field
  • If you’re looking at a complete change in career, we’ll discuss how your current experience can be modified to suit your new career path
  • Why it can be beneficial to have a professional write your resume

With this information, you’ll be armed with enough details to see what your resume may be missing, and how you (or we) can fix it!


20+ Years of Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in recruitment and hiring. Which means we’ve seen everything from the worst to the most incredible resumes. We are aware of what recruitment and hiring professionals are looking for because we’ve been in their shoes. This means that you get industry insight and understanding that comes straight from the source.

Small Team

Your resume won’t end up getting written on some random freelancer’s laptop with our service. We’re a small dedicated team who are passionate about helping you reach your career goals. This means that you can be confident from the first phone call to the finished product that you’re in good hands.

Inclusive Industry Expertise​

We keep up to date on a wide range of industries and the latest hiring trends. Whether you need a resume for a mining position or have key selection criteria to complete, we have the knowledge and industry insight to ensure your application is relevant and well received.

Satisfaction Guarantee​

We want to be clear that we are 100% confident in our service and that it will meet your requirements. To read more about our Satisfaction Guarantee and Refund Policy.



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