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Key selection criteria is nothing to fear. In fact, it’s a great way to showcase your experience and capabilities. However, if you’re feeling stuck and need help, contact our team today about creating key selection criteria that will look professional and helps you shine!

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Key selection Criteria can count for up to 60% of the entire recruitment process…

Key Selection criteria writing Services

If you’re applying for a position in the public, non-for-profit, or academic sector, chances are that you will need to address key selection criteria as part of the recruitment process. In fact, the answers to your key selection criteria can end up being more important than your interview! That’s why it’s important to address the criteria correctly and in the correct format so that your experience stands out!

Before Hiring Us

We know how daunting key selection criteria can be. Whether it’s a small list or large list of criteria to address, you need to be confident and provide specific examples of your professional experiences, so that recruiters and hiring managers can see your worth.

At Resumes Done Right, we can assist you in creating a key selection criteria document that will look great and help your qualifications for the position shine. Being former recruitment professionals, we have 12+ years of experience in this field and can get you in the interview chair.

Before you consider our services, we would love to chat with you about the position you are applying for and provide you with a free resume consultation.

During our conversation we will discuss:

  • Why your key selection criteria are more than just your experience
  • How the layout of your key selection criteria is affecting your call backs
  • If you’re looking at a complete change in career, we’ll discuss how your current experience can be modified to suit your new career path
  • Why it can be beneficial to have a professional write your key selection criteria
By the end of our conversation, you understand what your key selection criteria has been missing, and how hiring an employment consultant can get you from the bottom to the top of the pile! Just upload your resume today, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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Your way you present you Key Selection Criteria is important

When writing key selection criteria, most people make the mistake of using a generic template, and then use that space to provide generic answers. Unfortunately, this practice will usually end up with your application sent straight to the bin. That’s why it is imperative that your key criteria present your specific job experience in a style that compliments your qualifications for the job, rather than repeats information.

A lot of our customers struggle to find the correct way to provide examples of detailed experiences in their career. It can be especially difficult if you are a modest individual, new to the workforce, or applying for a role in the public sector for the first time.

We’re here to help!

But we’re here to help! There are plenty of companies out there who can write your key selection criteria, but the team at Resumes Done Right, we can provide you with cover letter and key selection criteria letters that are one of a kind. The documents that we create are unique and tailored to your qualifications for the job you are applying too, helping you stand out from the applicant pool and furthering your career!

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Key Selection criteria writing Services

Receive a free cover letter template when you enlist our resume writing services.

A few Secrets to writing excellent Key Selection Criteria:

Key Selection criteria writing Services

When it comes to addressing key selection criteria, you need to aware of the best practices for responding to each specific part of the application. While we can’t give away all of our secrets, we can tell you how to best prepare yourself to a killer key criterion. Here are our top 5 tips and tricks for addressing key selection criteria:

Know the criteria

When you look at the job application, make sure to break down and study exactly what the key selection criteria are. The more you understand what the recruiters and hiring managers are looking for, the easier it will be for you to respond with a great example.

Do your homework

The more you know about the organisation, or public sector area you are applying for the more prepared you will be. Research what’s currently going on with the company in the news or give them a quick social media search to understand their culture. Sprinkling your knowledge about the company throughout your answers, will help you stand out from the competition.

Find your STAR

Using the STAR method for answering key selection criteria is the choice method to organize your answers and stand out. STAR stands for Situation-Task- Action- Result, and helps provide clear answers for those trick key selection criteria.

Don’t be modest

Make sure that you provide clear examples and back up your claims. For example, rather than say “I worked in a team”, provide more information. Be specific about your role within that team!

Answer every question

Don’t miss a single one. Even if you are struggling to come up with a response, answering all the key selection criteria is mandatory.


Here are just a few more reasons that we’re the right team to get help you on your career journey.

10+ years of recruitment and resume writing experience

We’ve seen it all. From the worst to the most incredible cover letters, we know what recruitment and hiring professionals are looking for because we’ve sat in that chair. Our cover letter writing formula we have created over our career has assisted many people in landing their dream jobs, and we can guarantee it will help you!

We’re a small team

With our services, you don’t have to worry about your documents being prepared by a random freelancer who has no little experience writing cover letters, or any passion in helping you further your career. We’re a small team here at Resumes Done Right, and that means from first phone call to finished product you’ll have the same person taking care of you and assisting you in getting your cover letter or key selection criteria exactly the way you want.

Industry Insight

We’re constantly staying up to date on the latest recruitment and career industry trends, so that you don’t have to! Whether it is knowing the latest news on applicant tracking software, or staying current across what is happening in your job industry, we are always aware of what is happening so that your cover letter is engaging and informative for your potential employer.

We are qualified in writing cover letters for any profession and are able to write quality documents for key selection criteria.

professionally written cover letters

Our secret Formula!

We won’t give it away, but we can tell you that our secret cover letter writing formula has worked for hundreds of our customers! Our expertise and capabilities mean that it doesn’t matter if you’re applying for a CEO position or a job in mining, we have the winning cover letter formula to get you where you want to be!

For those looking to engage with us for our CV writing services, take comfort in knowing that with any purchase of resumes services, we will send you a free cover letter writing template!

We want to know you! Not just what you’ve done

Writing a great cover letter, means more than just knowing about you career history, it means getting to know you and your goals! Part of what makes our services unique is that before we even begin to get to work on your cover letter, we get to work on understanding you and your unique experience. What this creates is a relationship between ourselves and you that allows for an amazing one of a kind resume tailored to you!

Australian Owned and Operated

When you hire us, you can rest easy knowing that you’re dealing with a team that is 100% owned and operated in Australia. This means that any work will be handled by professionals who understand the recruitment and hiring landscape in Australia and can tailor a document to fit the industry you are applying for.

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Of course if you’re struggling to come up with a response to some of the questions in your key selection criteria, or need assistance with formatting, the team at Resumes Done Right is here to jump in and help.

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