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Although there is demand for professionals and competent personnel in virtually every industry worldwide, we cannot pretend to be unaware of the global levels of unemployment which combines with our natural human drive for development to create fierce competition in the job market. This competition has given even more value to a resume that tells your peculiar education and experience story in flawless language and with premium professionalism. The aim of a resume is to portray your unique suitability for the position you are applying for and this can only be achieved with the help of professional resume writers like RESUMES DONE RIGHT, with unrivalled dedication and experience providing 100% satisfactory resume writing services. Our massive online presence and mastery of the industry facilitate our work with people from all over the world and in every industry, though we are based in Perth and Melbourne, Australia. Hiring resume writing services from the very best resume writers will help you get past the computer programs which analyze resumes during job applications nowadays and leave you with a very much improved callback rate.



There are many benefits you get with our services and they all give you an edge over other applicants for any job offer you are looking to make your own. In addition to working with clients to compose outstanding resumes, RESUMES DONE RIGHT offers many top job search-related services which are outlined below;

  • Top quality CV / Resume Writing
  • Captivating Cover Letters (General Template or Tailored)
  • Selection Criteria (Public Sector Specialists)
  • LinkedIn Overhauls
  • Productive interview Coaching
  • Unrivalled general Job Search Advice
  • Coaching and Consultation

The expert writers at Resumes Done Right also offer particularly tailored job search services for individuals having specific needs and are very flexible with consultation times. We care about your satisfaction and top our services with FREE RESUME HEALTH CHECK!


From our rich experience in resume writing and the job search industry, here is a checklist which should make your resume look professional and capable of getting you numerous interviews and callbacks;

Resume Format

  • Make sure your resume is just ONE page long unless there is more relevant information on previous experiences.
  • Use a professional template or assistance from a resume writer with a brilliant track record (Resumes Done Right).
  • Times New Roman or any other Serif
  • Best font size is 12 point (Don’t use more than two different font types or sizes).
  • Your margins should fall between 0.8’’ and 1.5’’ all-round.
  • Word format presents the best save format for your baseline document. PDF and text (.txt) work best for distribution and uploads to resume databases respectively.
  • Use good quality bond paper for a print copy (8.5’’ X 11’’).
  • Be concise and objective with succinct and brief bullet points or sentences.
  • Avoid using ‘‘I’’ and other first-person Use Action Verbs like ‘‘do/did’’ and ‘‘Completed’’ especially in the past tense.

Resume Content

  • Make sure contact information like permanent addresses and campus are clearly listed if appropriate. But no personal or discriminatory data should be included.
  • Customise the summary of top accomplishments, competencies, and skills in relation to the specific job opportunity.
  • Start with your degree before listing college and university certifications.
  • List GPA when greater than 3.0
  • Never forget dates of planned graduation if you are awaiting graduation.
  • Include notable accomplishments in the experience section and focus on work and internships first before moving to academics.
  • Start with Job Title (descriptive, not actual) before, the Employer’s Name.
  • Including buzzwords of the specific industry can give your res a valuable edge.
  • Add an Activities Second for your most remarkable extracurricular activities if there is need to fill the page.

A CV/Resume with grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors or inconsistent punctuation will do no one any good. Always remember to double grammar check and proofread and make sure a professional or two other people look through as well.

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