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Your CV is the first of many things your prospective boss will lay his hands on; and it will be his crystal ball into the summary of your work, your suitability for the role, and how you would perform once hired.  It could even tell him whether you have the potential to stay in the position long-term. With this in mind, you can not underestimate the importance of a resume done right.

So how can you tell if your resume is awesome enough?  A resume is not merely a statement of facts but is, first and foremost, a marketing tool.  If your prospective employer is the buyer, your CV should convince him that you are the product that makes for a wise investment.  To help you write an effective resume, our coaches and consultants here at Resumes Done Right share these tips:

  • Every recruiter’s favourite line is “Tell me about yourself.” So be prepared with a summary of your values and skills that make you unique and outstanding.  You should also consider including a Professional Profile – Most people don’t know this, but very few recruiters read this. It is a perfect place for a high-level statement of your work history including all of the soft skills that will be keywords in the ads you apply to.
  • Refrain from being too long and chatty. When enumerating your accomplishments, do away with sentences that start with I, We, or Our. Never use 1st person tense. Keep in mind that dense blocks of text are hard to read, so use bulleted statements; preface them with strong verbs that have a greater impact.
  • Sprinkle your resume with the right keywords. Your CV may initially pass through applicant-tracking software or a recruiter’s assistant just scanning for keywords that match their hiring criteria. To give you an idea on what keywords to use, read the job description for the role you want or ads for similar job postings.  You may also pick up keywords from researching your targeted company and the industry it’s in. Getting familiar with the company, its culture, mission-vision statements, and core values will prove worthy not only when writing your resume but during the interview as well.
  • Keep your resume concise. It would be ideal if you can fit it all on one or two pages.  But if you’ve been in the working world for years now, your resume will probably require a third page. More than three is almost never a good thing.  Your basic consideration for resume length should be the relevance of its contents to the job or career path you desire.
  • Always be wary of your presence in the virtual world.  A hiring manager will inevitably look your profile up online.  More than 80% of hiring managers do. So it is better that you include your URLs in your CV. Recruiters will appreciate you for being mindful of their time. Moreover, including your links will also prevent them from landing on someone else’s profile that happens to bear the same name as you. If you have a common name, it is recommended that you use your middle initial or be consistent with the name you will use in your profiles.  Decide whether you are Charlotte Williams, Lottie S. Williams, or Lottie Smith Williams across Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Stay away from crazy fonts and colours. You can never go wrong with a black font on a cream, ivory, or white paper or background.  As for fonts, some of the best choices are Garamond, Gill Sans, Cambria, Calibri, and Constantia. Does it surprise you that Times New Roman and its sans-serif equivalent, Arial, are not included in the top choices?  There’s nothing wrong with these fonts themselves but everyone else is already using them on their resume, and that means yours won’t stand out.  Also, recruiters complain that these fonts are hard to read at small point sizes and do not display well on screens.

If at this point you are still at a loss getting your resume writing started, or must have written one but can’t tell if it is brilliant enough, we at Resumes Done Right shall be glad to come to your rescue. We will relieve you of the stress that goes with resume writing. After we are done preparing for you a stunning CV, all you have to do next is to prepare yourself for when you get an interview appointment.

Resumes Done Right has offices in Perth, Western Australia and in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) always ready to provide resume writing services for both locals and job-seekers anywhere else in the world.

Here’s to landing that dream job!


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