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The mining industry in Australia is amongst the most booming in the world with the country richly blessed with a huge pool of different mineral and energy resources like; industrial diamond, iron ore, gold, lead, uranium, zinc, nickel, coal, silver, lithium, rutile, copper, bauxite, and many more.

Australia is at the global forefront of the resource sector thanks to the nation’s natural endowment, plus the state of the art technology developments both in the mining and other support industries which all target productive efficiency.

The resource sector contributes immensely to Australia’s economic performance and is a key direct and indirect employer across the country. This implies that with the right education, training, and skill, mining offers a fertile job market in Australia.


mining resume writing servicesSeeking the services of professional resume writers for mining job application? Resumes Done Right is proving to a be a key service provider, in providing resume services which get more callbacks and interviews for job offers in the mining industry.

The rich pool of numerous energy and mineral resources in Australia make the country one of the fore-runners in the global resource market. Some of these resources found in Australia include; rutile, gold, iron ore, diamonds, bauxite, silver, coal, lead, zinc, uranium, lithium, copper and aluminium in quantities which account for a considerable percentage of international trade (about 35%).

This enormous resource capacity makes the mining industry in Australia a very fruitful arena with so many job opportunities for qualified and experienced personnel. However, it’s never easy to get the job you want because many others who are as qualified or even more or less qualified as you want it as well. This highlights the importance of consulting professional minds when putting your job search documents together.

Your resume should single you out from other applicants and unfold your specific experience in ways that market your suitability for the advertised mining position and this is often spiced with the touch of an experienced mining resume writer (Resumes Done Right).

A professionally written mining resume will be flawless and well equipped to see off your competition even before human eyes get involved in the sorting process.


Resume Writing ServicesAs most people may testify, it seems to be getting a lot more difficult to compete in the job market as time goes on, especially in this internet era. Computer programs are used these days for applicant resume selection by many companies and only resume writing pros are quite capable of passing this phase seamlessly thanks to experience and a deep understanding of what the computer would be searching for when ranking submitted CVs… We cooperate with you and donate our profound knowledge of the mining industry to assist you with 100% satisfactory resume writing services.

Give us the opportunity to help you understand exactly what your resume needs to be possibly ranked high enough so that it finally gets viewed and considered by a manager or recruiter.

Every project with us provides a different and productive experience which not only ends with an amazing CV but also leaves you confident of the practical competitive chance working with us brings to the table of job search and application. Amongst the many valuable job search-related services we offer, the backbone of our work includes the writing of winning Resumes and Cover letters for any industry worldwide, as well as LinkedIn overhauls, amazing interview coaching, specifically tailored services according to special individual needs and so much more.

Hook up with Resumes Done Right and make job search and application procedures effective and enjoyable.



Like for many other industries, mining recruiters rely on resumes for facilitated assessment of talent, skills, qualifications, and experience of applicants in relation to specific advertised job roles. Following this checklist will inject professionalism into the writing of your mining resume and most likely will end up with more chances of getting called back for interviews;

  • Keep your resume simple and on a single A4 page or 2 pages at most to ensure you are concise, commanding and compelling.
  • Add a condensed personal statement with your passion and ambition in relation to the peculiar qualities you can bring to the advertised role supported by past jobs and experiences. This should briefly answer the unasked question of WHY YOU?
  • Make sure your resume carries keywords of the mining industry such as interesting project names you may have worked with and your specific skills in relation to the requirements most often highlighted in the advert for the position.
  • It’s important to invest in the looks of your resume but avoid using images and artistic fonts. Instead, use short bullet points and adequate spacing to enhance readability.
  • Keep your Resume in formats like Microsoft Word .docx, or .doc formats which are easily downloadable thus increasing open potential.
  • Spice your resume with interesting facts and figures that support your achievements.
  • Never forget to double grammar check your resume because no recruiter appreciates reading CVs plagued with errors even when the content is great.

Here is a format that could work perfectly in serving as a guide to writing a professional mining resume;

  • Personal details; Always include your Name, address and contact details. Information like nationality, preferred place of work, etc. can be mentioned when deemed appropriate.
  • Career Objectives; Here, you could briefly list your specific areas of interest in the mining industry and what you hope to achieve in this sector.
  • Work Experience/History; Begin with your most recent job before moving backwards. Employ industry keywords and use short sentences.
  • Qualifications; From the highest as well, include all relevant educational qualifications and courses. That IT course you may have completed and forgotten about many years back could be your magic bullet.
  • Personal Attributes; This section should cover your professional skills and abilities. You could also add your languages and how fluent you are at them.
  • Hobbies; Make sure you relate your hobbies to every offer and only mention those that seem to demonstrate commitment and motivation.
  • References; This is not mandatory but at least mention they are available. And always inform them of your intentions before using them as reference sources.

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