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An outstanding Résumé can make the difference between getting a call from a potential employer or not. Resumes Done Right have over 25 years combined experience as hiring managers and recruiters across diverse employment markets within Australia.

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With our help you'll get that job

With our help you'll get that job

“I’ve applied for 100 positions in the last two weeks and haven’t even received 1 call back!”

Sound familiar? Many people are suffering from the same frustration. From experience, we can tell you that a very large proportion of applications you make will be reviewed by a computer program before a person even looks at it. The computer program that reads your CV will be comparing it to the ad that you have applied to and ranking your application against all of the other people who have applied.

What is the computer looking for? Well in general, that will be defined by the position horizontal and the industry vertical you are applying within…Most people out there won’t have a clue where to start with this which is why Resumes Done Right is here to help.

Let us assist you to understand what content your CV has to have in it to give you a chance at ranking high enough to be viewed by a recruiter or manager and get a call.




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Resumes Done Right wish to make absolutely clear that we are 100% confident our service will meet your requirements. A résumé is an “organic document” that should change frequently in order to best represent you in your search for employment.

Find out more about how our Service Guarantee & Refund Policy ensures that you are happy with the final copy of your documents.

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After more than 12 months of applying for jobs with absolutely zero response and having my resume professionally written from various professional résumé writers, I was introduced to Resumes Done Right, who rewrote and reformatted my resume. While I have not yet secured my dream job, I have gained employment and I am receiving at least 2 enquires per week. I would highly recommend Jimmy to go over your resume.
I would like to recommend Jimmy and Resumes Done Right to anyone who is in need of résumé writing, training or job hunting advice. I, and a number of my friends, colleagues and employees have received assistance from Jimmy at RDR. He is knowledgeable in his field, passionate about helping people find work and produces a great CV. So if you need help with your next application or any training requirements, give Jimmy a call.
I have turned to Jimmy from Resumes Done Right for professional help in writing a résumé for me. He asked questions about my work history, then in four days my resume was produced. I found Jimmy to be very professional in his line of work he knows how the HR system works. I would recommend using Resumes Done Right to anyone who wished to update their resume with the right covering letter.


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